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Angela Reeks Royal LePage
When listing your property for sale, it's essential to set your home apart from the competition and to expose it to as many potential buyers as possible. 

The importance

of staging.

If you want your house to look like it's worth every dollar of the price you're asking, putting your home's best foot forward - and then some - is a must!


If your home is not "show ready," it leaves "points of negotiation." 

If the roof or kitchen needs work, the Buyer can utilize these items as a strategic reason to ask you to reduce your price. While many other factors can impact price - market, the state of other properties in the area at the time of sale - I firmly believe in trying to eliminate items of negotiation before showing your home.

Few Tips & Tricks.

1. Pack away personal items

2. Clear away clutter

3. Rearrange and neutralize rooms

4. Scrub and deodorize

5. Enhance curb appeal 

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